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Our Extensive Beverage Collection

Signature Goblets, Non-Alcoholic Goblets, Insane Milkshakes, Hot and Cold Coffee, Boba Teas and more!

Sugar Factory Food
Sugar Factory Food

A selection of sandwiches for every craving

Over 20 sandwiches for all shape and sizes!

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San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California

Sugar Factory Food

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Sugar Factory Express?

Sugar Factory Express is an extension of the Sugar Factory brand offering an immersive, fast-casual experience with high-quality food. Poised to take the world by storm with an award-winning combination of “sweets, treats & eats,” the celebrity-endorsed hotspot and its retail counterparts will focus on restaurant-quality food with fun packaging, incredible service, and unbelievable Instagrammable items in a fast-food setting with approachable pricing.

What are Sugar Factory Express's Offerings?

Sugar Factory Express will offer a comprehensive menu with Sugar Factory favorites including Insane Milkshakes, Rainbow Sliders, Chicken Sandwiches, Smoking Goblets, and more.

Select Sugar Factory Express locations will offer a full beverage program featuring the signature goblets created and perfected by Sugar Factory American Brasserie.

The Sugar Factory Express Footprint

Stores will range in size between 3000 – 5000 sq.ft with drive through capabilities when applicable.

What's on the menu?

Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, the drive up or counter service locations will have an extensive menu of Sugar Factory’s signature items. The menu at Sugar Factory Express will feature Sugar Factory’s most popular dishes, with a more approachable price point including Kids’ non-alcoholic Candy Goblets, Slushies, Kids Happy Boxes, Insane Milkshakes, Burgers, Sandwiches, Sliders, Salads, Stuffed Cookies, a complete breakfast menu, and an expansive list of bakery items and coffee selections. Select locations will also feature a full bar and cocktail menu for adults.

Please take a look at our Fantastic To Go Items on our Menu!